Sullivan Bands

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SMS Bands

6th Grade Beginning Band

The Sullivan Beginning Band program is designed to be a teaching band. In this band, students learn fundamental concepts such as discipline (group and self), posture, playing positions, basic rhythmic integrity, and tone. This program uses a 6-instrument start-up: Flute, Clarinet, Alto Sax, Trumpet, Trombone, and Bells/Snare (percussion). We currently use the Essential Elements 2000 combined with other material to create a curriculum that encompasses the necessary fundamental elements and important historical contexts with regard to instrumental music.

7th Grade Intermediate Band

The 7th Grade Intermediate Band is Sullivan's "second-year" band. In this band we begin focusing more on balance and blend along with many of the individual technical demands of each instrument. Another important aspect of this band is the focus on correct use of style, whether it be a march, a lyrical piece, or another style, we ensure the students are aware of the necessary style in order to create the most musical performance. Woodwinds begin learning alternate fingerings, while all instruments begin working on increasing their range. Percussionists begin exploring many more percussion instruments as well as continue gaining more knowledge of their rudiments. This band performs at all concerts throughout the year.

8th Grade Concert Band

The 8th Grade Concert Band is the most advanced band in the Sullivan Middle School Band Program. This band focuses on the concepts needed by students in order to be successful in the High School instrumental Music Program. This band goes to a middle school contest in the Spring as well as plays in many concerts throughout the year. We focus on many different styles and periods of music in order to gives students a concise but broad outlook on playing a musical instrument.